Interior Design

iDe is a Interior Design business that can offer almost anything your home desires. Click below to contact iDe for Karen's Design & Consultation​​ Fees.

(Rates and fees may vary depending on your location, size and scope of work needed/required) A Consultation can determine what the work/fees will entail.


Virtual Design

iDe can offer those outside the Chicagoland area "Virtual Design". This can apply to both interior design & homestaging. By filling out a questionaire and sending (or emailing) photos of your design dilemmas- and explaining what you would like to do/change; Karen will package a presentation of suggestions/ideas, photos and solutions of what iDe recommends to redesign these spaces/areas/rooms in need of change.       iDe will mail (or email) them directly to you.

Fees for virtual design will be provided when a questionaire is requested.


A successful design will incorporate both


"balance & scale"

Homestaging (vacant or occupied)

Karen is a Certified Home stager and has an ability to walk in a room and visualize immediately what should happen in that space or home. Karen can explain what should stay or go and can give specifics and ideas for any needed furnishings- sometimes she just needs to rearrange pieces/items to make it all flow better. 

A consultation is a great way to start. Karen will come in, view your entire home and provide information to professionally prepare your home for sale. Staging your home will put your home in front & above all other homes NOT staged in your area. RESA (Real Estate Staging Association) statistics show that a home staged prior to listing will spend (on average, and depending on size/price range) anywhere between 75%-87% less time on the market.... compared to those homes that were not staged. Staging will not only enhance your home overall, but will showcase its FULL POTENTIAL.


iDe specializes in "vacant" properties because its much easier to maintain the rented furnishings and also allows more of a creative eye and touch when selecting specific furnishings. iDe can be more creative with the space-planning of the home (traffic flow) when vacant and can be more exclusive of the home, since every home is unique. In some cases, the buyer may want to purchase some/any of the furnishings placed throughout the home, so that's another option with iDe staging.


Staging is "marketing" a home to sell.


When applicable, iDe can stage the home with specific pieces in order to properly fit the homes' style and blue print. It creates that complete package. 


So, whether iDe is staging a home, designing or re-designing a homes' interior; it's very important to have proper "balance" and all furnishings to "scale". Most often if specific pieces are selected and placed appropriately in a staging project (especially when vacant); they will most likely increase the homes' overall value


Staging should fit the homes' 


style & blueprint.



"Staging is marketing a home to sell"