"Karen from IDE did a wonderful job on the staging/decorating of the house we just purchased. We had looked at this house before, but we thought there was too much work to do since we didn't like the floors, countertops and carpeting. So we took a pass on putting in an offer on the home. Four months later, we were still looking for a new home and we saw they done some work to this place so we took a second look. We were blown away with what Karen did to the place. She did do some permanent work to the home like new stone work, but most of it was all cosmetic. Karen staged the home with beuatiful furniture and painted the house throughout to match the flooring and countertops that we didn't like. To my surprise the paint and small changes she made really worked so well that I didn't mind the flooring and countertops anymore. Karen really pulled the house together and made it look new and updated. We loved it so much we did end up "buying" the house and even some of her furnishings. She really did an incredible job and I couldn't be more happier with our new home!"  

M. Norris (Buyer)/Naperville IL

"Karen came to my house to help give me ideas and suggestions so I could sell my home quickly. I was relocating and needed to sell fast. She gave me such great advice that I really took it to heart. To help keep my costs down, she told me everything I needed to fix, what needed to be removed/changed and what items I needed to purchase to make my home flow and help attract buyers. I couldn't be more happier and thrilled because I sold my home within a couple of weeks. And all the feedback from those that viewed my home was extremely positive and very complimentary."

John M. (Seller) /IL

"I first discovered karen's marvelous talents when I was showing a townhouse in Naperville to my clients. I had already visited this property with my clients a couple months prior, and my clients liked it, and wanted to put in an offer, but ultimately walked away because it just wasn't special enough and needed updates badly. Sure enough, we see the property back on the MLS a couple months later, looking fabulous! The property was now painted in cool grays with matching paneled silk draperies, modern- hip furniture, throw rugs and throw blankets and accessorized. Plus there was now a great backsplash which seemed to make the dreary cabinets pop. The bedrooms were all perfectly decorated like a Restoration Hardware catalogue. We didn't want to leave!!! My client ended up closing on the property and buying many of the furnishings from IDE (Karen)! This was the perfect example of how "staging" can indeed sell a property in less time."

Susan C. (Real Estate Agent) Naperville/IL

"I asked Karen to come and stage my home because my husband & I were thinking of selling and wanted to get a head start in order to get it prepared and ready. we were told to get it staged before actually listing it. I had gotten Karen's (IDE) flyers and info in the mail so decided to call her. She had such great advice and helped us rearrange our funiture and remove a lot of our clutter because we had a lot of stuff throughout. I couldn't believe my eyes afterwards because it was so incredibly done. The transformation was amazing and we hardly recognized our home when she was finished. Karen is very talented and was very professional."

Joan A. (Seller)/ Naperville IL 

"I hired Karen/IDE to help me furnish and decorate my new apartment. I moved from an older apartment and wanted to update and bring in some new things. She did an awesome job with picking out and placing everything. I couldn't be happier and highly recommend her design services. She's very pleasant and easy to work with."

Jenny B. (Client)/ Chicago IL

"Karen serves as the President of iDe and is highly regarded for her creative approach. She draws on her ability to visualize the end results as she plans each homestaging and interior design project."

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