Design criteria

iDe is both an Interior Design & Home Staging business. iDe creates an iDeal and aesthetic environment clients want and dream of, and in each and every project it takes on. Whether you're wanting interior design or your home professionally staged; Karen (iDe) believes in a "neutral" setting and adding "pops" of color can help enhance and create the iDeal atmosphere, indicative of the client and/or specific home style.                                                                                                          

Regarding interior design; creating a more neutral theme allows for the homes' interior to stay in trend, to last and have longevity. Adding pops of color in areas such as: accent walls/artwork, accesssories, pillows, linens, window treatments and rugs will be easy and less expensive to swap out or change at a later date, or when the need and time comes. This can apply to "holidays" as well, switching or adding holiday decor-accents (colors & patterns) will blend in much easier with an overall neutral setting. Linen or tweed-like fabrics are a great choice to use as a main staple in selecting furniture, as they will never go out of style or out of trend. It's classy, elegant, and timeless. They can be dressed up or dressed down. Everything goes with these fabrics, and can be protectively addressed if placed in a busy room/area. Neutral will always be in trend and in demand because you just don't tire of it like you do with specific colors. Colors are trendy, they come and go, in and out of style, and year after year; so it makes sense incorporating neutral pieces for your larger scale items and add your own color preferences in those less expensive areas-items. Pillows are a great way to add pattern & color to something neutral and can add that character and color scheme you prefer; for a much more reasonable-affordable cost. Artwork, decor pieces, rugs or even draperies can provide this just as well, depending on the room and location of the space.


Karen (iDe) keeps current 24/7 with the latest design and building trends, styles, materials and finishes; plus attends yearly local & national seminars-conventions to stay knowledgeable.


Regarding Home staging: neutral is definitely the route to go and take, especially when selling a home. It's important to stage & furnish a home so you draw and attract as many potential (markets of) buyers as you can. Creating an overall neutral atmosphere is easy on the eye (aesthetic) and will better help buyers visualize themselves in the home. Colors are like art; "to each is own". We all don't like the same colors or patterns so it's always smart to neutralize your home as much as you can to expand that "market of buyers" looking to buy a home in your area. Pops of color can easily be added to enhance the room, just as if you were decorating; but its important to keep them at a minimal so you don't turn off buyers with too much color and/or pattern. 

There are other essential iDe elements that are critical in professionally staging a home. These are: De-Cluttering, De-Personalizing and Re-Organizing. Taking away clutter and personal items, and all the misc things we accumulate in our homes throughout the years, are important steps to address and accomplish in preparing and staging a home to sell. [Buyers don't want to see other peoples' stuff, and they won't appreciate those specific decor items that seem so important to the homeowners, because they simply don't have that same attachment+connection as the homeowner has.]  

So, Karen is highly trained and has excellent experience in helping homeowners-sellers with these areas and can be objective in deciding what should stay and what should go. In doing so, the sellers will be way ahead of the game when it comes time to moving out.... and the home will already be prepared and organized....which will be a HUGE help in expediting the next move. 

Its been proven by many staging resources (RESA, Staged Homes, Home Staging Resource, to name a few) that a home staged prior to listing will be on the market at least 75% less time than those homes that weren't staged prior to listing. Now that's dramatic results! Yes, staging is an expense, but its much less expensive than having your home sit on the market and NOT selling, or having to drop the asking price and losing thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars. Not to mention the monthly expenses that homeowners/sellers incur when a home doesn't sell quickly. These expenses are: Mortgage payments, Property Taxes, Maintenance (inside & out) and Utilities. These can all add up quickly and can be a huge burden on the homeowner/seller .....especially if a home goes unsold for long periods of time. So, it only makes sense to make the small investment (upfront if you can) to have your home professionally staged; and then clearly everyone can quickly get on with their lives! 


Below are photos of an out-dated and vacant home that needed some TLC- so iDe came in and staged it with neutral and current modern furnishings- accessories; plus repainted some rooms and created accent walls (paint + tile) to help update the homes interior.

This was a very cost-effective approach to enhancing the home and attracting potential buyers. This also showcased the positives of the home and not the negatives.